Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sargon of Akkad Wants To Stop the SocJus Indoctrination in Academia

Sargon's description for "This Week in Stupid" for today is this, in its entirety:
Social justice is a secular cult created and propagated by ideologues in academia. There are mechanisms in place to stop this.
Sargon's gotten the idea of trying to put a stop to teaching Social Justice bullshit at the university level. (Petition link here.) Good start, but I'm with Vernaculis and Teal Deer that this has to go on to deal with the problem because academic indoctrination is just a symptom.

And there is a follow-up livestream today. As I write this, it's going on, but it will be immediately archived upon conclusion. Worthwhile, if (like most streams) a bit unfocused.

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