Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Life in Fandom: The 2016 Hugo Nominations

So, the 2016 Hugos announced the nominations today. It is glorious. The Sad & Rabid Puppies took 10 of 15 categories in their entirety. Of the rest, they dominate the nominations. The SocJus cultists got their asses handed to them, and they know it. Scalzi (who somehow got his response out 25 minutes before the list was released) is already doing the weaksauce DAT RACISS shit, as are others in the SF/F field. Fuck them.

If you want a more involved article, Allum Bohkari at Breitbart has your back. Vox Day's two blog posts responding it to it say all that the Rabid side has to say that's worth hearing.

As for me: I'm in.

Let's burn Hugo.

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