Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: If WOW Dies, Then What?

So, what would I do as a primary game if I stopped playing World of Warcraft?

Short answer: Resume playing Guild Wars 2 until I could afford the sub (and gear, likely) for Final Fantasy XIV.

Long answer: I rather enjoy the MMORPG genre, but most of the games are crap and are unworthy of my time or the expense- including the Free To Play ones. I stick with World of Warcraft because I have pals there, and I'm able to pay for my sub with gold due to the excessive gold income from the Garrison. (Going to buy another two months this week.) If I stopped, I'd be able to resume Guild Wars 2 immediately and play up to the pre-expansion cap while getting what I require to get the expansion.

I doubt that my laptop has the power to run FF14. (I'll check.) Even so, the sub fee is the breaker for now. While I can opt for the one-toon version that's still more than I can spare at this time. Until I can run it and afford it, I won't buy in. However, when I do I already know I have contacts waiting and able to help me find my feet while I play the game and enjoy. (Also, it has a superior community.)

As for Blizzard games, I'll continue with Hearthstone for certain (especially if they bother to put it out for Android stuff) and make use of Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 now and again. Overwatch I'll play when I can run it properly.

"But Walker, what if all the MMORPGs went down like Porkins?"

I have a Steam account. I've got plenty of stuff on it. I'll be fine. Probably do Torchlight first.

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