Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Paul Joseph Watson: Saudi Arabia is a Cancer on the World

Saudi Arabia is the worst country in the world, bar none. If it disappeared off the map tomorrow, the planet would hold the biggest party you've ever seen.--Paul Joseph Watson

Watch the video. He ain't exaggerating. These fuckers are the very fuckers the SocJus cult should be going after, but aren't. They are the fuckers that Springteen, Adams, etc. should be boycotting and refusing to do business with, but aren't. They are the folks who would be hung from the neck until dead, by other Muslims, if they weren't loaded to the gills with oil wealth and the special treatment it buys due to their own aberrant and degenerate behavior (by Muslim standards).

Fuck these guys, sideways, with rusted shovels covered in shit and burrs. They deserve a rat's death.

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