Thursday, April 21, 2016

My Life as a Shooter: Choosing Your Hi-Power

Sootch says:
"Browning Hi-Power: Commercial vs Surplus. With limited numbers of Surplus Browning / FN Hi-Powers being imported by Century Arms into the U.S. and the scare availability of Commercial Models, here are some thoughts on which to buy. Both Surplus and Commercial Hi Powers are showing up on"

I want a Hi-Power. As I am unable to afford one right now, I'm hoping for the blessing of a gifted one while eyeing the future availability, and that means keeping an eye on what's available from where. While I prefer the Practical over the others, getting a surplus model is still a win for me. With that in mind, Sootch's video below gets into the details of Commercial vs. Surplus Hi-Powers.

(By the way, my birthday in October.)

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