Friday, April 22, 2016

On Prince

Prince died yesterday.

Unlike a lot of Minnesotans, Prince was a man whose presence was around my life, but not truly a part of it. His music did not score major moments of my life, but it informed the milieu wherein I existed (and still do). He was, to use a metaphor, always at the party but not someone I'd talk to about a lot or interact with directly. He always stood a degree removed from me.

It's the position where I find myself with a lot of people who are important to the world as a whole, but whose importance to me specifically does not exceed that general state. I get where his fans are coming from. I just don't feel it. So, I leave others to their thing and I move on to what clicks with me. He did what he did, made a mark that's going to reverberate down the ages, and is a genuine man of talent who will be missed.

And, in that spirit of respect, I offer my condolences to you who loved his music and will miss him as one would anyone else you gave your heart to. To his family and his friends, I wish only that your time of mourning be the catalyst you need to take this departure of someone so beloved and ensure that he lives on with you through the deeds you do by his inspiration.

And will someone please take the Death Note from George R.R. Martin already.

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