Friday, January 8, 2016

Twitter Done Goofed

Earlier today, Twitter removed the Verified status from Milo Yiannopolous's Twitter account. Milo was rather bemused by it, despite this being a warning flag to a move to ban him from Twitter entirely for WrongThink.

The response has been a glorious display of shit-posting. So many of his Followers and fans swapped their user avatars to his and their names to his, threw #JeSuisMilo in as a hashtag (that Twitter now disabled auto-complete for), and in a few hours the trend hit #1 in the Anglosphere and rises in nearby countries.

That knock about Twitter's stock price is no joke. It's gone down, and is still going down, in direct proportion to both baleful outside influences (Saudi buy-in) and Social Justice cultist entryism having its usual cancerous effects (Twitter Support is a cultist holding and often acts to fuck over WrongThink users like Milo under color of "harassmant" or some such fraud.) The response follows the SJW playbook: lie (by denying it), double-down (the policies that make it suck), and project (blaming the very people calling them out on being bad).

Yeah, how's that working for you Twitter?

Nice job breaking it, Twitter SJWs. You done goofed. The best thing you can do now is to give Milo his Verified status back, apologize (and do it for real; no non-apologies), and then find another job- like selling adult coloring books.

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