Saturday, January 9, 2016

We Don't Need Another Narrative

One of the things that drives me is an absolute hatred for the denigration of truth. I have a very simple reason for it: I need to rely on the information that I acquire to make good decisions and then act upon them. Those who lie to me undermine confidence in the very things that ALL of us need to survive, thrive, and prosper in this world. Those who seek to profit through deception, to steal by fraud, are nothing other than intra-species predators and deserve to be handled as such.

I cannot un-fuck the entirely of the damage done in this manner. What I can do is focus upon critical elements upon which Civilization rests, dig into them as best I can, uncover what fraud exists, expose it, and then bring on the whole truth of it. No more Flanderizing history. No more convenient narratives. No more of anything but the full, raw, complicated truth. We must have it--deserve has nothing to do with it--or we'll continue to fall prey to these predators until we're consumed by them utterly.

Not today. Not on my watch.

I seek truth. I seek all that is real--for there is one true reality, and I invite those who say otherwise to tell gravity to fuck off--and what is true and real often runs afoul of the dogmas of the day. Natural Law is not fair, but it is just; I have never seen so clear a proof that God is than that. My examination of history reveals persistent recurrent patterns where this utter justice comes time and again, but this one is what is relevant now:
  • Some regime imposes rules that run contrary to how Natural Law works. These days, in the name of "fairness" or "justice".
  • A cult forms around that premise and uses it to seize power and impose a totalitarian regime upon the people.
  • The cancer grows and consumes more of the wealth and health until collapse is a threat.
  • An attempt to cut out the cancer--to slaughter the cult utterly, seize power, and fix the problem--arises. If successful, collapse averts and Natural Law is satisfied via justice delivered; if failed, collapse hits and delivers justice via chaos consuming all.
Not perfect--remnants endure--but it reliably works that way.

This is why I oppose the "social justice" cult. It's the front group for the aforementioned totalitarian cult, a bunch of cultists that might as well be going "Ia! Ia! Cthulhu Ftagan!" They use comforting lies, playing upon one's empathy to con you into going along with their fraud, and worms its way into power via other criminal deceptions. Then it reveals its rapacious, vampiric ways by doing as I said above; this is what Vox Day calls "social justice convergence", and what I term "totalitarian".

And like all such cults, this one gets up to the most horrific violations one can do and then has the audacity to lie about it in an equally vile manner. This is NOT the first time it has happened, even recently (as the Saville Scandal in the U.K. revealed, amongst others), but it is the first time in many a year that the cults' (and, I suspect, the entire network therein) ability to squash the truth is hindered by the Internet.

No more Narratives. Only Truth. The whole Truth, and nothing more. That is what I want, and that is what all of us need for Civilization to endure and continue well past our own deaths.

So, to the cultists and their associates and accomplices, I say only this: You are as Carthage, and Carthage Must Be Destroyed!

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