Thursday, January 7, 2016

Narrative Warfare: The Migrant Invasion in Europe

What's going on in Europe--the crime wave spurred by the migrant invasion and backed by the traitorous elites in power there--is not getting any better. It's going to get a lot worse before the inevitable response finally hits and fixes the problem by eliminating the invasion. British YouTube user Sargon of Akkad did a very good video talking about the most recent episode, the mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany over New Year's.

Initial reports suggest that there were indeed migrants involved in the 2015 New Year's Eve attacks in Cologne and there was also a corresponding effort by politicians, police officials and the media to downplay if not outright cover-up of migrant involvement in what is, by feminist standards, a rape culture.

Sargon's not wrong. There has been media suppression of the attacks. The reason? It contradicts the Narrative. The elites, demonstrating their contempt for the people that they claim to serve (much as Hollywood does), cover up the horrific rise in crime of all sorts by screaming "RACIST!" at nay-sayers (and "SEXIST!" where applicable) and using state power to suppress them. (See the hit on "right-wing" speech in Germany, when it's just rational dissent against irrational policies.) The deliberate fraud of claiming that most of these invaders are Syrian (they're not), or refugees (they're not), or even families (most aren't; they're military-aged single men and boys) persists. If it weren't for Internet-based independent media, this Narrative would go uncontested.

But we have it, and it is:

And the folks at The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy have noticed the wider issues:

The wider issues, of course, consist of the following:
  • The Western elites are openly treasonous, betraying their constituents for the sake of their own power and wealth, and have no problem using foreign nations to do the wet work for them- however fast or slow that is.
  • All nations are NOT equal. All cultures are NOT equal. ALL THINGS ARE NOT EQUAL! The aforementioned elites know this, and are using that against US.
  • Western Civilization--even now, globally extended--rests upon the unique event of Anglo-Saxon culture, tempered by Christianity. That cornerstone is what built the world you now live in, created the wealth you now benefit from, established and defended the freedom you enjoy now, and from which any hope for a better tomorrow springs from. Nothing else can do this, or it would have by now; claiming otherwise is a-historical bullshit. Therefore, attacking it is attacking Civilization itself.
  • The purpose of the migration crisis, for the elites, is to pull a Divide-and-Conquer scam to aggregate more power to themselves while taking out rivals and threats (i.e. US) to their position. The means is a totalitarian police state. Allowing the state to act so is not good for Civilization.
  • If the elites don't get their heads straight and do the jobs that justify their existence (i.e. protect their own nations), then the people will do it themselves and the elites will NOT like how the people handle the matter. Oh, and good luck using state power to stop them.
It's a repeat of the final years of Rome, both in the West and later in the East. Same folly. Same causes. Same reactions. I'm with Vox Day on this: either the countries of the West let the nationalists take over now (so the matter can be resolved within the Rule of Law), or it WILL be resolved when the ultra-nationalists seize power in a coup and the slaughter begins (first with the elites). There is no Disney ending here; it's going to be either with minimal bloodshed under a nationalist regime or--since the Rule of Law is not a suicide pact--massive killing and destruction under an ultra-nationalist one.

Once thing's for certain: the Narrative promulgated by the Progressive Social Justice cult is increasingly revealed for what it is: A LIE.

And lies deserve what they get: DEATH.

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