Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Rule of Law is Not a Suicide Pact

Okay, time for some serious talk.

Over the past week, the councilman for Ward 9 for the City of Minneapolis--a Social Justice cultist involved with Black Lives Matter--decided that the rules for data privacy don't apply to her. Instead of privately communicating with those of her constituents that used official channels for the intended purpose of communicating their displeasure in a peaceful and lawful manner, she posted their relevant contact info on her Twitter feed. She fully expects nothing bad to come to her because of this.

She's wrong, and she's a fool to think so. Allow me to bring Sir Thomas Moore into this:

Pay close attention to his rebuke to Roper at the end. It is this point: that Man's Law, not God's Law, orders the ordinary operation of Man's societies. This is always an arbitrary affair, as it requires the active enforcement--using force and the threat thereof--for these laws to work as intended, and as such it is inherently dangerous. The alternative is chaos (falsely called "anarchy", but that's another post), which always leads to tyranny by the brutal, and is inherently unstable.

In short, Rule of Law is superior to Rule of Men, but it is superior because the benefits of submission (when coupled with other concepts, such as putting the burden of proof on the prosecution, and other elements of logic and skepticism) outweigh the costs for the goal: to resolve conflicts in a peaceful, lawful, and least-disruptive manner. The reason this foolish woman hasn't been dragged from her home, beaten to a pulp, and then hung from a lamppost is because she benefits from the Rule of Law.

When those wronged feel that the Rule of Law no longer benefits them, that rule ends.

In short, it's not a suicide pact. That chaos I mentioned is Moore's devil turning on Roper once all the laws are hewn flat. Every sector has to see--not believe, know and perceive--that the Rule of Law is a better deal than the historical norm of Rule by Men, better known now as Gangsterism. As much as the contemporary state can and does go wrong, it beats the tyranny of criminal cartels or similar organized gangs. The fall of civilizations comes when this understanding is voided by the actions of one or more parties seeking to shirk the duties while taking the benefits.

Governing bodies do so only so long as those the bodies serve believe it worthwhile to allow it. It doesn't matter what the body calls itself, or what justification it uses for itself and its deeds. It the people do not support it, even divinely-appointed kings end up ganked and shanked by their maids or torn apart by a mob. For her own sake, this foolish woman needs someone she'll heed to sit her ass down and smack some sense into her head; she should, at the least, resign before anything worse comes about due to her moral and professional incompetence. If not that, then I would hope to see her allies desert her and the law do its thing--to have her do a perpwalk and defend herself in court--because the only other option to compel accountability and put a stop to this is just as I described above: the private actions of her fellow city residents taking her out.

This is not desirable. No one of good sense wants that. By her actions, this foolish petty politician shows why she should not only be removed from office, but from ever again seeking office until she repents of her folly; she is too incompetent to be allowed near the levers of power- and too stupid to realize that she is an expendable, fungible, and disposable pawn for her fellow travelers' ends. Once she exceeds her usefulness, she'll be thrown to the wolves baying for her blood. That's how these historical patterns play out if not put down.

May God bring her to her senses, because she won't do so on her own.

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