Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Stop Buying Useless Crap

Recently, I won a gift subscription to Lootcrate from one of the Twitch streamers I follow. I have now received that Lootcrate. I am disappointed, and I shall not continue the subscription.

There's only so long that a man can justify the acquisition of cheap, useless junk in the name of "cool", and there is no way in Hell that I can justify $20 per month for a small box with only one guaranteed useful item (a T-shirt) and maybe one or two other useful items (the January box has a flashlight, with batteries included). The vinyl statue of a Space Invader (from the classic videogame), the cute Facehugger plushie (wrong on two accounts), and the Multipass thing are useless crap. The booklet is full of useless fluff that might as well have come out of Kotaku, and better covered--for free--elsewhere online.

Even 20 years ago, I would've balked at this, and I am disappointed that so many people are so stupid about their money as to buy into this lame scheme. The only thing I can say that's positive about Lootcrate is that it does not misrepresent what it is about; they say they curate crap on a theme and pack it into a box for you to receive, at Wal-Mart prices (and yes, $20 a month for this crap package is cheap).

So, subscription cancelled. I value my money far more than this business offers in exchange. If they want me back, dump the crap and the fluff in favor of useful tools and equally useful (and exclusive) information. Less Stupid Boy Shit and more Useful Man Stuff.

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