Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Narrative Warfare: You're On Your Own, Europe

The invasion of Europe, under the color of a refugee crisis, has done more to bring reality back to the face of the West's slumbering sillies than anything else in recent years. One of the most persistent follies is the denial of the duty upon the individual to defend themselves from predation by others. Always the same line of bullshit, that government will be there, and even if it isn't it still has to be the only one that can.

Well, it's quite clear now that this is a fraud. That government? Made up of people just like you, and they aren't keen to die uselessly either- even when it's their job. Stop counting on them.
Police flee for their lives at Swedish migrant camp after they are surrounded by screaming mob as they try to relocate ten-year-old boy ‘who had been raped multiple times’

The attack allegedly happened in the town of Västerås in central Sweden. Staff at the refugee centre feared the 10-year-old boy was being abused. They failed to remove the child after the refugee would not let the child go. Ten police officers failed to save the child after being attacked by the mob.

Your governments don't care about you. They actively betrayed you to make this crisis in the first place. They're loyal to someone other than you, the people they supposedly (but, never, actually) serve. You've been left to die, or worse, by the very "authorities" you trusted to protect you.

It does not matter what some jackass in a suit says; you have the duty to go armed. It does not matter what you think; you have the duty to go armed. It does not matter what some git in a black robe, or some ink on a page, says; you have a duty to go armed. YOU are the only one in this life that you can count upon to protect you, your property, or your dependents. You, therefore, have the duty to be armed and the obligation to acquire and maintain ALL of the skills and tools necessary to fulfill this duty AT ALL TIMES.

Guns control--arms control--is for SLAVES. Free men go armed.

The following video reminds Americans that the US government has no duty to protect either- and you Europeans can count on this being the case where you live. While you can, dig that up youselves.

You're on your own, folks. Government is, at best, indifferent to you; in most cases, they are actively preying upon you and not to be trusted.

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