Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Gun Control is Obsolete

While the usual suspects are, again, conspiring to commit treason and sedition in the Human Rights violation that is gun control I find myself well at ease.

You see, the technology to ensure that firearms and ammunition will forevermore be in the hands of the people already exists. It no longer matters what the ink squiggles on paper or parchment says, let alone what those waiving them about as they proclaim their secular blasphemies proclaim, for the very concept is now obsolete.

Decentralized manufacturing is here, and now coming in idiot-proof forms ready to plug-and-play. The Ghost Gunner device will finish any 80% Lower Receiver, and can easily be configured to do one from a whole billet. Load in the right program and it will produce fresh new brass casings in whatever caliber you want or need; it's Open Source, so that too is just a matter of spending the time to find (or code) such a thing.

Yes, making smokeless powder is more difficult, but that knowledge too is freely available and the tools to make it aren't that hard to find- and, with tools like the Ghost Gunner, can be made. As for the projectiles themselves? Ridiculously easy to make at home, as both the materials as well as the tools are freely available (and yes, can be made at home now).

It no longer matters what the political scrum does. The ship has sailed, and left the eunuch that is the law code behind. We are so far gone now that we can replicate the very technologies that make this possible, and the knowledge is online--and the Internet is forever--so it can only go dark should repression occur.

The only sensible political and legal option now is to surrender to reality, repeal all of the infringements previously pushed through, and then forever ban any future attempts to do so as a recognition of that futility.

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