Tuesday, December 8, 2015

It's Trump's Election to Lose

If you're attentive, you noticed a shift in the American political scene yesterday.

Look, folks. I'm going to lay this out for you in plain English: Donald Trump will become President of the United States. It's his election to lose, and the only people who could stop him won't because they're paralyzed with indecision over their inability to comprehend what the hell is going on. (In other words, they are incompetent.) Once he's up against Hillary (because Sanders doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell; the DNC is already in the tank for Hillary, and they'll rig things to ensure she gets the nomination) he'll steamroll her on his way into the White House.

"But wait!" you say, "Trump did (thing)! DISQUALIFY!"


Two books, both from Castallia House, explain the how and why behind why Trump's got this on lockdown:

Trump knows, better than everyone else in this contest, that politics is about rhetoric. Rhetoric is about the feels, not the reals; it's there to persuade and manipulate, not to instruct (that's Dialectic). Therefore it's about commanding the attention of the audience and selling them what they want, something Trump has made his career doing. He's taken the commanding position with his claims, forcing everyone else to react to him and define themselves by the frame he sets. That's effective Rhetoric.

Trump sees this election as another business deal. He sees an issue--the toxic influence of SJWs and their fake conservative counterparts--and finds an opportunity that he's willing and able to exploit. He offers the potential clients his services, and they are clamoring to sign on with what he's got to offer. It's business. Want more insight, read his own book where he laid out (decades ago) what he's doing now, how, and why it works: The Art of the Deal.

The others in this race don't get politics as Trump does. They NEED the party machines and a compliant media establishment to win. Trump doesn't. Trump demonstrates just how independent he is with every so-called "gaff" he makes (that nonetheless increase his appeal, extend his lead, and make his victory all the more obvious), which is synergistic with what he actually says and does as indicators of being the best President available. It's effective Rhetoric. This is why he says he can deal with Putin; he's not bluffing- he gets Putin, and no other candidate does.

The others are just talk. Trump's walking the walk NOW, demonstrating to an electorate wanting a decisive strong patriarch to lead the nation that he is the leader that they desire- and offering to be that leader in return for their support. That's the deal on offer, and a critical mass of voters are already on board. The Establishment has to commit treason to stop him now, and they're too cowardly and incompetent to do it; they will neither assassinate him nor rig the election for Hillary.

And if there is one more--just one more--terrorism-related incident before this is over, then there is NOTHING the Establishment can do to stop him. Not even rigging the election will do. The momentum will carry him into office, and we're now looking at Trump until 2024. (That the other part of being successful- knowing what your victory conditions are, and when they are most attainable.) If the current administration does just one little thing other than the straight-and-narrow approach required by law, they are fucked and so is everyone but Trump; it's brilliant campaigning, and future generations will see it as such.

(And yes, there's some Narrative Warfare going on; that's for another post.)

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