Thursday, December 31, 2015

End of 2015 and Looking Ahead

2015 was a year of personal breakthroughs. Things I did and endured this year served to answer long-standing questions about my life and this world I find about me, and while my material condition is no different I have set the stage for next year being one where I can begin to do that (finally) without being undermined by those closest to me (which will be a first).

The Burning of Hugo is not ready, yet. It will be soon. Once I have a complete manuscript, I will write a post here about that and what I'm needing to do vs. what I am able to do regarding that. (To be brief, if I am to get this properly edited and put a good cover on it, I'm going to need help.) However, recent events compelled a delay to revise.

After reading this series on institutional child-raping in SF (I refuse to call it "pedophilia"; it's the predation upon helpless children for slaking sexually and morally depraved purposes, and that none of them have died as condemned men hanging from a rope or worse bothers me.), and seeing what these cultists and degenerates deign to call "reasonable", I've found reason to revise my own positions regarding "Fandom" (as the SocJus cultists therein put it), among others I see this to be the only good course of action in SF now.

There is NOTHING worth saving.

Furthermore, the child-rapers need to be exposed and subject to the full penalty of law. Those alive need to be executed. Those dead should have their estates compelled to compensate the victims or their families. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but needs to be released to all so we need not repeat this corruption again.

Forget the traditional route. I'm committing to independent publishing. Learning from Mike Cernovich and his mentors, along with others, shows that the additional work is worth the reward of a clear conscious I will have in writing and publishing my own speculative fiction. (I will also go independent when I get around to publishing Wanderer, as the tabletop RPG niche is so rotten with SocJus cultism that it's no longer ethical or moral to bother with traditional routes.)

So, the plan for this coming year:
  • Finish and publish The Burning of Hugo.
  • Finish and publish Part One of my Solador Trilogy.
  • Finish and publish Wanderer.
  • Put together the non-fiction book adaptation of my Master's Thesis, to publish in 2017.
  • Build up readership here, shamelessly copying things that work elsewhere because they work.
I will go through Amazon (Kindle, Createspace, etc.) until I get a better offer.

In the meantime, I see that I am building up quite a body that could become a book to itself. If I see that opening, I'll take it.

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