Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Spetsnaz Addresses How to Deal With Failure

This video is by a YouTube user who calls himself "Spetsnaz". He's talking about the psychology of a fighter, but what he's really talking about is failure and how to deal with it- and why his training as a boxer, as a fighter, is so damned beneficial towards that end. Listen to him. Turn off all other attention-getters and focus all of your attention on this video. Heed what he says, and think through what he tells you. There is a very sensible lesson here, something that you can apply to your everyday life.

This is not just good for everyday life. This is good for dealing with Narrative, be it in the mostly-benign form of deliberate fiction intended to entertain first and foremost, or the more malevolent form of Narrative Warfare. From the characters you see before you, to the people presenting it, to the people making it, and you in receiving it- this video has useful things to do about how to deal with it.

Because failure is not just taking a risk to do a thing, it's also not taking a risk to stop a thing being done to you.

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