Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Vlog Recommendation: Bill Still

Bill Still is an independent reporter, focused on economic and political policy and its effects on the common people. He's been on these beats for over 20 years, which allowed him to gather the knowledge and contacts needed to produce films such as The Money Masters and The Secret of Oz.

This video is typical of his daily video output: short, sweet, and directly to the point.

He's one of the folks (out of many) who've woken me up to how this world really works, specifically in the economic and financial realm, and when he's speaking from that position he's got the authority of expertise giving weight to his words. If you enjoyed his documentary works, throw him a few dollars so he can keep his operations going. He's done a lot of good, valuable work over the years; the man is a living testament to the value of persistence and determination.

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