Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Narrative Warfare: Watch a Shift Happen in Real Time

See that? That'a a Narrative shift in real time. Why? Because the PR hit of the first version did not perform as intended; by throwing the first version down the memory hole under the guise of a correction, they want to literally re-write events to their liking and get people to believe that their story is truth.

It's not. It's a lie. This is Narrative Warfare in action.

The reason for the shift is due to the political environment not turning to the liking of the Anglo-American Establishment, operating out of the Deep State, which has an interest in making this Syria narrative work because Assad's in the way of their geo-political aims for the region. It's all part of the scam, the long-con. I'll have more on this on Sunday when I post to my other blog, Empires Must Fall.

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