Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Narrative Warfare: Another Real-Time Narrative Shift

Here in Minneapolis, we had an incident where five protestors at the on-going Black Lives Matter protest over the killing of Jamar Clark got shot. The media narrative already shifted from the facts. YouTube user Vernaculis shows this shift in action:

Another user, Teal Dear, also noted this narrative shift in action:
Some thoughts for the 'Why did they bring guns?' people. Concealed carry is legal in Minnesota ( They require no other reason to be carrying guns than they are legally permitted to. Also consider the following: If the intention was to go there and kill people, why bring small concealed hand guns? Why not large full automatic weapons or explosives which would be much more effective in a crowded environment or just plow a vehicle though them considering they're all in the middle of the road. Just dwell on that for a moment.

I hate doing the same thing twice in a row, and certainly not three times so I'm not doing anymore BLM BS unless something really unexpected happens (which is sad enough because that implies that violence and borderline rioting isn't unexpected). The stupidity and irony is just too painful.

The media reports totally ignore the protestors assaulting the shooters. The media reports harp on the White Supremacist angle, despite the fact that one was Hispanic, and have no confirmation from credible sources that this is indeed fact. They have no legal obligation to tell the truth, despite being the primary witness testifying to the public on all these matters.

The law allows the media to lie to us. Why do you trust them?

Until such time as news media are compelled to adhere to the same standard as a witness on the stand in a courtroom--first-hand knowledge, or expert testimony, on penalty of perjury--then we are utter fucking morons to take what they say as truth without verification from independent third parties. Triangulate or Trust Not.

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