Saturday, October 10, 2015

Narrative Warfare: It's Imperfect at Best

Let's talk Cognitive Difference.

If you own any significant property--a car, a house, a gun, a motorcycle, a power saw, etc.--then you comprehend that such things require regular maintenance and upkeep, even if it's just periodic preventive work to keep the thing operating as intended. It's part of the cost of ownership, and the responsible grumble but do it anyway. Social systems also require such regular upkeep, even when they operate within the bounds of Natural Law.

Cognitive Difference arises when the Narrative deviates from Reality.

There is a flaw in Narrative Warfare, and it is in its deviation from Reality--from the Law of Nature--and the natural processes that operate universally whether we like them or not. The Narrative can be a very compelling story, a potent and alluring mythology, but it is still just an illusion. The Narrative has no substance, and therefore cannot contradict Nature and Nature's Law. The most the Narrative can do is to gaslight the people into a delusion that somehow circumvents the reason of the people.

When what you're told produces Cognitive Difference, HEED THAT WARNING!

If you want to find a foothold to defeat Narrative Warfare, this is it. If you want to help someone else get out, there is your cornerstone to build your effort upon. Through the discipline of the Trivium Method, you can recognize these differences and defeat them, thereby improving your mental health and making further resistance to this information-based mind control possible. It's applied psychology, folks. Nothing more.

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