Friday, October 9, 2015

Narrative Warfare: The Obliteration of History

I have seen the videos and read the reports of the Muslim fanatics deliberately obliterating the archaeological remnants of Mankind's history. I am appalled. This is no less a willful attempt to rewrite the past to suit the interests of present power players than burning books, torching the Library of Alexandria, or other destruction of archives and other evidences inconvenient to someone seeking or holding power. This, contrary to the diseased minds of Social Justice cultists, is the true erasure: the erasure of the truth of what went before, the evidence that runs contrary to whatever Narrative Warfare campaign some party wants to achieve.

Destruction of history is a means of Narrative Warfare.

I hate being lied to, especially on matters of fundamental importance, and as military history got me into history as a field the search for truth is what keeps me here and has me looking for trouble. There are two ways to destroy history. The first is literal, to destroy archives and other evidence that verifies what we know of the past. The second is metaphorical, and that is to falsify the records so that the information within is only the information that a Narrative Warlord wants its targeted people to know.

The adulteration of historical records is Narrative Warfare.

The reason is because some motherfucker read 1984 as an instruction manual and decided that editing the past for the benefit of his present (and hopeful future) was a good idea. So, if what you know gets edited on the sly--deniably--then what you're able to act upon gets constrained to a range of possibilities that the editing party can predict and control. This is the meta-level application of Herman & Chomsky's analysis of the Western (particularly American) mainstream media in Manufacturing Consent, and how it does just that.

Your would-be masters need your consent, and fraud is on the table.

They are quite happy to scam you, at the highest level possible, into getting you to go along with their plans to treat you like cattle: to be herded and exploited, and then culled when no more of use to them. Whomever the would-be masters are, they are universal in their contempt for life and it shows when their mask slips (as it does with Hillary Clinton and Henry Kissenger). So, why do you think they would not lie--big or small, whole or part--to trick you? Just as some of these people bury, hide, burn, or blow up evidence inconvenient to them others will block access, edit raw footage, use special effects trickery, and other tools of the trade to feed you false information--to lie to you--and get you to act on ideas that are not your own.

The villains blowing up relics are not the worst of the lot.

Remember, Narrative Warfare is a fight over information. Blowing up relics counts, but lying--even slightly--about those doing is also counts and it is far more subtle as well as insidious when media players, large and small, do the same thing. News media has no legal obligation to tell the truth, as a sworn witness giving testimony does, yet that is exactly what we are meant to do rely on them to do. Stop believing what you see and hear from sources you have not vetted until you do so.

The duty to preserve the truth is on all of us, lest our posterity know only lies.

Because that is what the obliteration of history causes: a void, filled by lies, committing fraud upon the people by would-be elites seeking power over others via information control. The fanatics and ideologues erase evidence contrary to their ideology, be they Muslim fanatics in the Middle-East or Globalists of the Anglo-American Establishment, for the same end. You deserve better, but you have to do your own thinking to get it, so stop letting these thieves steal what is rightfully yours. Protect Man's history!

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