Sunday, October 11, 2015

Blog Recommendation: Forgotten Weapons

Firearms. I love them, especially the old and the quirky. While you can find plenty of channels at YouTube, and plenty of blogs, talking about the latest and greatest as well as iconic classics there are very few like Forgotten Weapons. These are guys after my heart, talking about prototypes that went nowhere, firearms now disdained or neglected despite past prominence or importance, and so on. (They also have a YouTube channel and a Full30 channel.)

You need not be a shooter, or even someone who likes guns, to appreciate this blog and its video channels. You do need some appreciation for the history of firearms, and how technological development works in practice, to get the full benefit because being able to situate specific weapons and their individual stories within the larger context of Man's history. Like it or not, the history of weaponry and warfare is a central pillar to the history of Mankind, and being able to study past developments and deduce the patterns that repeat in these episodes will make you better able to make useful decisions in making the future that you want to see.

On a related note...

I have a certain affection for the SKS, and I do wish--despite the dominance of the AR-15--that a rifle much like it (traditional stock design, fixed internal magazine fed by stripper clip, but Garand-style sights; skip the bayonet) existed, but chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge instead. That sort of desire, until now, was not commercially viable; with the rise of manufacturing technologies that decentralize design and production, it will become viable soon- along with other firearms I want, but do not exist.

And this sort of thing is what counts as a Lazy Sunday post for me.

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