Monday, October 12, 2015

Narrative Warfare: It Takes a System

A successful use of Narrative Warfare begins and end with the establishment of a complete system of information control. It begins with information generation, follows through with distribution, and concludes with observing the consequences of the fed information as the targeted population acts on what they're fed. If this sounds familiar to you, that's because it is: it's another application of USAF Colonel John Boyd's OODA Loop paradigm. (That's another reason for why I call this "Narrative Warfare".)

This is more than a simple propaganda campaign. The system works on multiple levels. It begins with creating a choke point in the academic world, where "reliable" or "accepted" information intended to inform institutions originates from. By seizing key positions at key academic bodies, and then forming cadres from the students that come through the courses taught therein, you create a network of fellow travelers that carries forth into the rest of the targeted population.

These networks focus their first few waves focus on entryism; they get their most ordinary members into targeted groups and organizations, build up some credibility therein, and then use it to bring more fellows into the group/organization until they reach critical mass and begin to purge resistance to their control from it. Once done, they re-purpose it as an organ for their agenda.

If this seems like a cancer, that's because it is: a memetic cancer.

The system needs the academic nodes to create an illusion of authenticity. From there they go to power centers, key government and corporate bodies, using this authenticity to expand and seize power therein to build that authenticity into authority. With the illusion of authenticity that academia creates, coupled with the illusion of authority that power (economic and paramilitary) creates, acquiring a dominant cultural influence is only a matter of time if this is not opposed- especially if the system targets children and undermines competing influences over the minds of said children.

So far, this seems ordinary, right? Well, it would have to seem ordinary to accomplish the wholesale theft-by-swindle required to slowly sell--to gaslight--the fraudulent mythology that Narrative Warfare relies upon and then pressure the population to accept it uncritically lest they be punished severely for (what is, for all intents and purposes) heresy. This leads to one of the clear signs of a Narrative Warfare campaign: it is, when pressured, always going to react like a cult because it is a cult.

Narrative Warfare builds its system up from the foundation of a cult.

This is why The Trivium Method is so potent, both as defense against Narrative Warfare as well as a counter to it when it needs confronting. The discipline it requires, especially when informed about the salient qualities defining a cult, is a great counter to the system that Narrative Warfare requires to succeed.

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