Saturday, February 18, 2017

Managing Expectations: A Lamentable Key To Power

Over at the writing blog, I wrote about managing expectations. While that's in the context of an author cultivating an audience, expectations and handling them is a key element to all walks of life.

I can observe this in action when watching any sport or game, especially one with opposing players, be the game one played by oneself or as part of a team. I can observe this when I watch boxers, wrestlers, fencers, or other martial artists face off. It is this observation that forms the basis of the OODA Loop coined and developed by U.S. Air Force Colonel John Boyd.

It is this realization that forms the basis of successful predation, and defense against the same. It is the basis for Public Relations, Marketing, and Advertising- the basis for Psychological Operations of all kinds. Sun Tzu refers to this when he wrote that All warfare is based on deception.

Knowing what is expected, and how those expectations can be subverted, thwarted, fulfilled, etc. is a key to power. Some would say that it is the to power, as all else comes in acting or reacting to those expectations. Knowledge, therefore, really does translate directly and immediately into power if you can better manage expectations than your opposition.

If there is any tell that marks the loss of innocence, it is in realizing the full implications of this fact- starting with that this is a thing akin to nuclear weapons; once anyone starts wilfully managing and manipulating expectations for predatory ends, it is necessary and proper for everyone else to do similarly if only to defend themselves from that very predatory manipulation. This is a realizing that can, has, and does ruin those unready for such knowledge- a fact we've carried in our mythology since the dawn of known history.

I don't make that comparison lightly. There are multiple professional career paths predicated upon this fact, refining specific strategies and tactics for their own benefit and that of their clients. (I mentioned four above.) Mastering one opens up all of them, once you reckon how to apply them to differing circumstances. While some are (relatively) new, the classic careers are based out of military and intelligence needs that any nation or state must have fully developed to remain potent and relevant.

And I truly despise that this exists. I did not seek out formal education as a Historian because I love to bullshit. I sought out that education because I wanted true, faithful, and reliable answers to questions of the past (and relevant to the present) for which I'd been only given half-truths and lies. From that I learned that Historians, like Journalists, are applied users of narrative (and hence Narrative Warfare); it's not hard to see other applications of the same principles in other contexts.

Yet it does exist, and if I am to die at all satisfied then I must make peace with that fact. Our posterity must stand on pillars of fact and truth, verified (and verifiable) as such, if they are to achieve what they are in this life to do and leave it better than they found it. Civilization demands nothing less.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Geek Gab: Razorfist! Jeffro! John C. Wright! APPENDIX N! TOMORROW!

Look, you want to be there for this one if you can. Find a way to see or hear this live, folks. It is an event not to be missed.

Yes, this is me hyping up tomorrow's Geek Gab episode. Daddy Warpig, Dorrinal, and Brian Niemeier deserve all this hype for making this happen- especially adding John C. Wright after this initially being only Razorfist and Jeffro talking Appendix N and related matters. If you're not already subscribed to the Gab on YouTube, let me link that for you. You used have to throw money at a convention or a public radio station to get this sort of event together, and it would still not be as awesome as you hoped. Now? You can enjoy this from the comfort of your home, free of charge (but really, throw them some spare change to the Gab if you can and buy the books put out by John, Brian, and Jeffro).

Be there, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. You can count on the chat being as active and thrilling as the main show, which makes being there live even more of a benefit. Break out the special reserve, folks, because this one's going to be EPIC!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Narrative Warfare: It's Not Working So Well Anymore

The reaction to the Scahill cowardice is heartening for me. While Bill Maher telling Scahill he's a two-faced shit was expected, the dogpiling by others who usually would've kept quiet or backed him is a tell that we've hit a preference cascade and soon it's to become an avalanche. We're seeing this far more clearly with the reaction to the hoaxing media hit on Pewdiepie, with other notables circling the wagons around him and his own defiance in the face of adversity. His followers kept his back, and he's thankful for that.

This is good. This means that the power that the Establishment wielded via its media isn't so effective as it was even just a year or so ago, and that's fueling the freakouts. The God Emperor's press conference today once more turned into a brow-beatdown upon said media crooks and liars and man the composure of many formerly used to accomodation and deference keeps popping like the zits they are:

And that was me being kind and restrained.

This sort of butthurt bullshit blather is all over the MSM and their social media accounts after today's presser, and virtue-signalling celebrities are getting in on it. The quantity of celebrity virtue-signalling, amplified by said sheckle-shilling shysters shucking and jiving like crackwhores jonesing for a fix, is so obnoxious that Paul Joseph Watson skipped a coffee break to cut this video.

One of my favorite folks on Twitter, Sargon of Akkad, hosted a livestream talking about all of this stuff and it went on over five hours so this is one of those "put it on and then do something else" sort of videos, but the conclusion reached (more or less) is in the title- and as for that thumbnail, well...

Indeed, Sargon. Helicopter rides for all the liars, cheats, thieves, crooks, and frauds that make up the MSM. Free ones.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Jeremy Scahill is a Coward

That fabulous Dangerous Faggot, Milo Yiannopoulos, got an appearance on Real Time with Bill Mahar. Long-time activist and journalist Jeremy Scahill, who broke out while associated with Democracy Now! when he covered the '90s war in what formerly was Yugoslavia, a move that would get him into the position to write THE book on Eric Prince's mercenary corporation (Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army) (and introduce him to his wife), bitched out like a punk coward as this Tweet shows.

Archive is here in case Scahill doubles-down on being a punk bitch and deletes that Tweet.

Virtue-signal harder. Maybe your fellow travelers won't turn on you if you do.

You'd think this sort of thing was unusual for him, according to his letter, but a review of his career clearly shows that Scahill is far more about the activism than the journalism, which--as we know too well now--is very much the norm for those of his prostitution. Shaming and similar bitch behaviors are normal for him, and he's used to getting results through this behavior and its associated language (which proves conclusively that Leftist "alternative media" really is just the JV squad for the Establishment- and now, Scahill is part of that wretched body as he's in the prime of his career).

What I see here is the exposure of a long-established "journalist"--and his roots in "alternative media"--as nothing more than a SJW-converged man, building out of SJW-converged organizations and institutions, running a career whose sole purpose is to further the Social Justice death cult front of the Left, as being what he really is: a Mouth of Sauron, a Grima Wormtongue, long accostumed to being unopposed now being opposed and he's reverting to type because he doesn't know what else to do. There is no other way to put it, and Adam Baldwin did it well:

And now that we're increasingly aware of just how fake the news really is, this punk bitch cowardice from a man who's claimed to have braved warzones to get a story prompts those with minds to think to reconsider if there's any other fundamental contradictions in this man to uncover; far more famous and formerly-regarded presstitutes (e.g. NBC's Brian Williams) flat-out defrauded the American Nation by bold-faced lying about deeds seen and done. Maybe Jeremy's resume is as false as his manhood.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Life in Fandom: How Campbell Became The Dark Lord of Narrative

Thanks to Brian Niemeier and Daddy Warpig, I'd been reading posts on Robert E. Howard, Conan, and how the two Conan films sucked balls compared to Howard's stories. I'll address this wearing my writer hat at the Study later this week, but for now it's about this as a gamer and reader. First, some links:

You want to know why so many films, series, books, and comics are shit now? In addition to SocJus dogma, they all glommed on to Joseph Campbell's Monomyth theory and turned it into the One Plot. Like the One Ring, it yearns to bring all narrative into its dominion and bind all to is will. Entertainment media is a business, and like any other it seeks to minimize risk; if they can find a way to reduce costs and risk, they'll take it and that's what happened starting with Campbell's adoption by George Lucas (and his peers) in that decade.

And yes, this shit is all over gaming now. It has been for years, as both vidya and tabletop took their cues from the very popular media whose narrative structure devolved into the One Plot and replaced the exciting and stimulating virtual experience driving by "You're in this situation. What do you do?" with incompetent adaptations of The One Plot.

It also makes, in time, for boring reads. The One Plot reduces literature to grey goo, a memetic gruel that barely qualifies as readable, but not truly satifying or nourishing. It rewards lazy writing by mediocre writers and equally incompetent editors and publishers, making such easy for predatory parties to target and overtake for their own ends. Meanwhile, the audience diminishes with the deliverance of satisfaction.

The same is true in gaming, which is why we've seen one franchise after the next degenerate until it shits itself to death like Elvis did. Yet, because the industry as a whole hasn't collapse yet from the hollowing process that the dominance of The One Plot inflicts (in part due to picking pre-existing properties that properly employ it for adaptation), the inertia in the institution has become an avalanche that cannot be ignored. It is not surprising, therefore, to see the smaller players and independent actors be the vanguard of things like the Old School Renaissance in tabletop RPGs and the Pulp Revolution in SF/F.

If Campbell's shadow is to be put down, this is how it has to start: by properly putting the Monomyth back into its rightful context, and then using the liberated liminal space to return other narrative forms back to popular prominence. Quarantine what cannot be saved, let that burn out, and then come in to cleanse and rebuild.

Monday, February 13, 2017

My Life in Fandom: Gundamofficial's Free Streaming of "Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt"

I love Mobile Suit Gundam, and have for years. I like most of the franchise, especially the core of it: the Universal Century timeline. So, when I got a chance to watch Mobile Suit Gundam: Thunderbolt last year I took it. I had to resort to much the same sort of thing I do to watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes, so eventually I knew fan-hosted sources would get nuked for legal reasons. Then I saw that the official Gundam channel on YouTube began putting up playlists for various Gundam series and movies (seasons 1 and 2 of Iron-Blooded Orphans are there), and eventually Thunderbolt would get there.

That day has come.

The catch is that this is available for a limited time.

This isn't the first time they've done this. The original series compilation movies got this treatment, and they are not available on the channel now. I expect this thing with Thunderbolt to go the same way. That said, this is a good installment to the franchise and is worth seeing. It's not a deviation from the brand's general identity--heroes and bastards on both sides, leadership on both sides are utter shits, lots of tragedy, victory and survival are not synonymous, etc.--but it does change up the formula enough to refresh it. This side-story stands alone; the tie-in to the main sequence at the end is an epilogue that you can skip without losing anything.

Knock yourselves out, folks.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Narrative Warfare: Geek Gab, Riverdale, and SocJus Ruins Everything

The terrific trio at Geek Gab did their weekly episode today. Here, have the embedded video archive, for your convenience:

Now, about that clusterfuck that is Riverdale, and its willful misrepresentation of Archie comics. What this shit show reveals is that nothing will remain untouched by the SocJus death cult, as it cannot abide the presence of anything wholesome and innocent because that puts the lie to its claims of being grounded in reality. It has to normalize its inherent corrupt character by defiling everything contrary to it, and that's what Riverdale does.

You got it, this is Narrative Warfare.

The whole idea behind programs like this is to create the illusion that not only is this corruption normal, but that it is inevitable and cannot be resisted. It's mass-media black-pilling, intended to induce despair and apathy so as to reduce (and eventually eliminate) resistance. They do it because it works, and they've known this since the late 19th century when mass media as we recognize it emerged; they formalized it with World War 1 and commercialized it immediately thereafter. (Go read Propaganda, by Edward Bernays.) Manipulating public opinion has been a fucking career path ever since.

There's more of this social engineering going on, some of which is getting too blatant to unsee now, and if you can stand watching ads on TV or online you'll not fail to notice them. The same applies to the programs themselves. Long before we shit-posted Trump into the White House, those now opposing him unleashed industrial-scale weapons-grade memetic weaponology upon us to meme their will into reality.

So that's what Riverdale: memetic brainfucking, by someone already rotted by those same memes, intended to spread the disease into the population at-large by targeting those too young (and therefore unsavvy) to properly detect and block these attacks. This, by the way, is where parental oversight is meant to step in: to stop predators from preying upon your children. (Now you know why the Establishment wants to alienate parents from children, and otherwise break up the lawful natural family: to make it easier to corrupt and mutate children into more vile zombie drones for their will.)

Don't make it easy for them. Don't give them your money. Don't give them your time. Don't give them your attention. Don't let them get to your children. Literal walls are not the only good ones; erect yours today, and keep safe what you love so that they may thrive tomorrow.