Friday, September 23, 2022

My Life As A Gamer: Embrace The Drive To #WinAtRPGs

Fuck Game Balance.

A believable tabletop wargame campaign--which includes all real tabletop role-playing games--must include the influence that comes with the development of new technologies, new techinques, and new intelligence upon the development of the events and their effects upon all concerned parties.

A believable tabletop wargame campaign must allow for players to be those influences. Imagine that BattleTech was really "Record of Giant Robot Wars", and it was a player that decided "Hey, I bet if I applied these new mind-machine interfaces and artificial fibers to a humanoid skeleton I can make practical giant robot war machine." In short, what if it was a player that made this happen.

Imagine, therefore, that is was a player--who had a character with a wicked-high Charimsa score--that made the Star League happen.

All such developments can't help but to upend the game, to shift the odds towards the party introducing the new advantage, and this should be encouraged. The reward is self-evident in that the player gains an advantage over rivals and enemies, and such drives for innovation can't help but to propel the campaign foward as one successful scheme to introduce a new thing forces other players to either adopt and iterate or adjust and negate it somehow.

This is how big changes, big wins, are made and one need only look at the #BROSR to see how much fun this can be to completely upend things in order to advance an agenda in Domain Play--where the action that drives play goes down--and show up rivals and enemies among the Patrons that play therein.

Take this perspective, and suddenly all that history and literature--including Appendix N--starts revealing itself as examples of how to play the game the #BROSR way. Always on, all tables connected, all actions influencing all others, in a fantastic facsimile of real life that makes even the most competent of MMORPGs look like pathetic also-rans by comparison.

This is another way to become #EliteLevel and #winatrpgs, and those that refuse are those that shouldn't be here anyway.

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