Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Business: Will DC Become Just An IP Holding Company?

The Leading Hispanic Voice in Science Fiction talks about DC cleaning house.

I called this years ago.

There is no reason to maintain the publishing side of the business if you are not using it to develop new Intellectual Property, using the far smaller media as a form of self-financial market research and new titles as A/B testing over a medium to long term. The current editorial and management regime at DC Comics is fucking retarded so they are unable to do this.

DC's corporate overlord sees this and after the more important media outlets get cleaned out, the comics will follow. I agree that what will follow is DC becoming an IP holding company that licenses its properties out to third parties to produce new media. This will come at the cost of a unified continuity, unless this DC rides herd good and hard and I do not believe this is likely- not with the massive library of material that new movies and series can use as source material.

Something is going on in the mainstream corporations if Death Cult darlings are getting the axe. Don't take too much, or too little of it, but see it as the opening to push alternatives that it is.

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