Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Narrative Warfare: The Pundit Shows How To Lie With Statistics

Wankers By The Beach released demographic stats for Current Year D&D. The Pundit looked askance at them.

TLDR: The bulk of players are University students, most of whom stop playing after graduation; Pundit misses this, but this has been the case since the beginning, as work and (formerly) family life come to consume most of an adult's time and attention while necessary civil engagement takes up most of the rest.

Where Pundit gets it is that this does explain the shift to a Lifestyle Brand.

If you have neither the time to play, nor the capacity to play, then the brand is pure consumerism. You buy The Thing to signal that you're part of the club. At its most benign it's reading tie-in novels, playing tie-in videogames, and watching or listening to other media. As Wankers and its fellow travelers would have it, it's a whole and complete front for the Death Cult and its Satanic creed- a Pop Cult front and funnel for the Death Cult.

From here, it's easy to see how Wankers' current management--being such cultists--would latch on to the Fan of the Brand and eschew--to openly denigration and contempt--of the hobby or literature giving value to that brand. They see that it is both easier to make more revenue and profit as a lifestyle brand as well as push their Satanic religion via SJW convergence and control of a fake "community".

As I said over four years ago, the solution is to make the environment openly hostile to them. Make them feel like Harkonnen on Arrakis after Paul showed up. Be as Arrakis, and be as the Fremen when they set foot on territory that is not theirs. Gatekeeping is good and necessary. Drive them out, and keep them out, or watch them consume all you love and blame you for it.

That's part of what this statistics sophistry is, a way to blame you for what they've done and mean to do.

Don't let them get away with it. Show them what real gaming looks like. The OSR has the means, and the #BROSR has the methods. They will cast themselves out, as they cannot handle real gaming as they have said and done by their own confessions and works. Be bold in showing the world how things are done, my friends. They had no shame is showing one and all how to do it wrong, so return the favor sevenfold.

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