Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Narrative Warfare: Smedley Buttler Was (Half) Right

A certain Shiba of Color posted this online in the last week, and it explains a lot of what goes on.

One of the reasons why, despite having an academic background in business, I have been loath to ever start my own enterprise is because it became apparent to me fairly quickly, after working in the private sector, how much of business and commerce effectively amounted to state sanctioned racketeering.

I've always been a bit worried at how comfortable I have been about the times when I was working for career criminals simply because frankly I found the differences on the ground between career criminals and "successful businessmen" were much more similar than most normies realise.

The main distinction is that the primary operational concerns of how to maintain profitability are different.

The criminal businessman's primary concern in this regard is operational security. They want to protect themselves by maintaining obscurity of their operations in order to avoid interference from the law (or from rivals).

The racketeer's primary concerns are ingratiating themselves with their patrons and crushing any rivals they discover.

Many people make the mistake of entering a field which they see as being served suboptimally by incumbents, not understanding this is because what they are looking at, is a racket and that by trying to start up their own business, they are challenging the racket and will be met with the full force of hostile response from the racketeers, who are typically given sanction by their patrons to ignore the law to some degree in their response.

If anything, a racketeer actually has less to fear from the law than the literal criminals, since they aren't hiding from the law, they are somewhat exempt from it.

One of the big reasons why I am critical of capitalism is that rather than creating competitive markets, it tends to create a framework for enabling state sponsored racketeering. One of the big reasons why I am critical of socialism/communism is that their "solution" to this issue, is to simply formalise the relationship between the state and the racketeers and actually make it stronger.

To go back around to the initial point, one of the biggest challenges when determining whether to start up one's own business, is to figure out "Do the incumbents just suck, or are they a racketeering operation?"

Of course, the thing is that you can still try to compete against an established racket. It's just important to understand that if you do so, you must act as though you are a criminal, because you effectively are, because you are challenging a state sponsored asset. You must maintain operational security and obscurity, which is going to sound weird to people who are used to conventional marketing where you loudly shout your existence from the rooftops.

Needless to say, if you are working as a criminal type business, if you spend so much as a single dollar on marketing or promotion, you are cutting your own throat. You must only exist, in whispers and rumors.

This is one of the paradoxes of marketing and promotion. It's largely unnecessary. If you are an established racket, you don't really need it, because you are already the only game in town that is allowed to operate openly. Spending money on marketing is mostly just a flex or a way to launder money back to your patrons.

If you are challenging a racket, spending money on promoting yourself is pretty much just announcing "Here I am! Come and destroy me!" to the incumbent racketeers.

And now you have Big Corporate explained to you. It's a racket, and so long as a racket is useful to the sponsors that racket will be sustained. The purpose of a racket is not to provide goods and services. The purpose is to establish and maintain control over a population via economic warfare, both from public and private actors. Call them monopolies, trusts, or whatever- they're rackets.

This racket paradigm explains why "Get Woke, Go Broke" is a cope; it lasts only so long as the racket remains useful, and big rackets remain useful for a very long time. It also explains Big Corporate's tolerance for the Death Cult, as (a) Death Cultists are perfect consumers and (b) Death Cultists are eager enforcers for the racketeers as they have nothing else to live for and hate normies with the fury of a thousand suns.

Shiba gives no solution to the problem, but I think one is readily apparent: REGRESS HARDER. The Capital/Social split is false, and our ancestors had it right by erecting all parts of Civilization around the Family- specifically, around the extended patrilineal line as that turned out to be most successful in most instances around the world and across time.

We may not be able to vote or sue our way out of this, but we can move; self-sufficient multi-generational family homesteads is where this will likely end up, united across family lines by ties of marriage and faith. In other words, how things once were and will be again.

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  1. "One of the big reasons why I am critical of capitalism is that rather than creating competitive markets, it tends to create a framework for enabling state sponsored racketeering. ..."

    Every time I see comments like this it makes me shake my head about how few people actually know what 'Capitalism' really is.

    All Capitalism means is that a person is able to buy for a dollar, sell for two, and keep what they have earned by their own efforts. That is all Capitalist Economics is.

    If you adopt a Capitalist economic model - it is presumed that you would have a solid moral, and cultural foundation in place to check against amoral depredation. (Force, Fraud, and Theft.)

    In short: Capitalism is an economic system for a more or less righteous people.

    Whereas Socialism is put forward as a moral, political, and economic system all rolled into one. (i.e. Adopting socialism will force your culture/society to act in a more 'righteous' manner.) I should not have to explain why that notion is very bad.

    Corporate racketeering is not capitalist. It is corrupt government created protections for established interests looking to suppress the competition of market forces, and enhance their own power and influence. Just ask any Economist of the Austrian school. The greed, corruption, and political machinations many lay at the feet of "Capitalism" are simply the moral human failings of Elites with power.

    They are just as prevalent, if not more so, in every other economic system.


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