Saturday, May 14, 2022

My Life In Fandom: Warpig Talks Trollopolous & More Today On The Gab

Today on Geek Gab, Daddy Warpig and Dorrinal went long about recent films and then moved to talking about how bad Shadowrun 6th Edition is before Warpig talked about his fun times doing Trollopolous.

Warpig's weird pirate island is a perfect example of how True Campaigns organically create content, and why they reliably lean into the earnest gonzo weirdness of the Pulps. You're using well-recognized tropes and icons as shorthand to communicate efficiently to the player as to what's what. "The ninja village and the pirate port have been raiding each other for a long time" tells a player what to expect without needing a massive tome of lore or hours of time wasted on divergent infodumps. Let them find out later, if they care, just what short of ninja or pirate they are by encountering them directly.

It's incredible just how freeing it is to play this way. No need to wrangle things or people. Just get on with it and enjoy the ride.

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