Friday, May 20, 2022

My Life In Fandom: Remembering Tukkayid, May 20th 3052

Remember the day that Space AT&T stopped cold the rampage of Space Klingon LARPers.

While glib, this is in fact the two heirs of the Star League squaring up to decide who gets Daddy Kerensky's estate. This was not without context; it's just that the context went down centuries before.

And the Space LARPers, as much as Tex knocks of them, had a rational basis for their paradigm of warfare. Sure, Kerensky's son would use that to erect his own vision of how to organize Mankind, but if that cornerstone could not be comprehended then they couldn't be defeated- something only an intelligence network masquerading as a psuedo-religious cult using their monopoly position over telecommunications to wage information warfare in a manner that no one else could.

That's right, Tukkayid is--ultimately--a tale of a failure of intelligence on the behalf of the defeated and overwhelming success on the part of the victor. ComStar figured out how Clanners thought and believed, and then tailored their psychological warfare to exploit those thoughts and beliefs. That no one among the Clan leadership, outside of Clan Wolf, could conceive of ComStar suddenly adhering to Clan norms by issuing a Batchall as a threat is all one needs to see to know that intelligence work is not valued among the Clans as a whole- and Focht wrecked them for it.

Tukkayid was won before a shot was fired. Sun Tzu would be proud.

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