Tuesday, September 21, 2021

My Life In Fandom: When The Rune Sparkles In September

Filed under "Can't Rain All The Time" is this silly item.

Macross Delta is noted for being the unfortunate step-down from the excellent Frontier, but there's a reason for it and that reason in the unfortunate fact that some of its songs are straight lifts from American classics of yesteryear as this video shows.

That's the clip. A full version seemlessly blending the two is here.

To my knowledge, there has been no negative consequences for this as its been overshadowed by the overarching Macross issues with regard to global distribution until recently resolved. The music may or may not make it out of Japan in commercial form (i.e. live concerts outside of Japan, albums domestically sold); folks who remember when GundamInfo allowed Zeta Gundam to be streamed from their channel will rememeber that they had to replace the OP for legal reasons due to a similar issue.

It could have been prevented, but I am not surprised that this slipped through. It's not like Earth, Wind, & Fire have been a going concern; they've been gone for decades, such that only Boomers and those subject to their music for most or all of their lives (i.e. Jonesers, Gen X, Gen Y) recall them at all.

But, ultimately, this is harmless much as Vanilla Ice lifting a David Bowie line (lifting a bar or so from "Under Pressure" for "Ice, Ice, Baby") proved to be.

So remember today that the rune sparkles when she sings.

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