Sunday, October 11, 2020

My Life As A Gamer: Gamers Still Want Real Men As Heroes

For all that the Death Cult pushes its poz on what is acceptable, Revealed Preference Revealed the truth yet again.

This is reference to Balder's Gate 3, currently (laughably) in Early Access on Steam despite being a full-priced AAA game. It's based on D&D 5th Edition, so we have wokeshit on top of wokeshit involved, and yet--when users are allowed to be anonymous--they prove yet again what they picture as Ideal Hero Material: Le Straight White Guy.

Not just that, but Mr. Square-Jawed Hero.

Yes, that's why some of you heard high-pitched whining yesterday. That was the collective REEEEEEing of the developers that got so triggered by this development. Since they have no way to name wrongthinkers, this weaksauce poo-poo shitpost is the best they can do to shame people into doing in their way. If they get sufficiently triggered, expect a future patch to remove these options entirely- like was done with other Big Gaming Brand titles in recent years. (e.g. BattleTech)

So don't let the dangerhairs gaslight you. Given the chance, gamers will just keep rolling up Default Shep and have a good time.

Wait until they see playthroughs of Vault Dweller The Paladin--even after all they did to gimp the Paladin as a concept--going all Deus Vult and dominating.


  1. What BattleTech controversy are you referring to?

    1. The insertion of SJW tropes and the removal of Caucasian as an option for your character into the PC game.


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