Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Narrative Warfare: Project Veritas Exposes Another Fraud

Once again, Project Veritas does God's work.

This is the same scam that Fake Americans running for office in fiercely American districts and states--e.g. Arizona--execute to bamboozle their way into office. Once they get in, they promptly stab their constituents in the back and push the Globohomo Agenda. If they have the machine behind them, they can keep this up like McCain did, and while they can get turfed out sooner or later by then the damage is done and unlikely to be repaired.

In short, not only is this short-term deception to seize power, this is part of a larger scheme to hold power long enough for their changes to be--for all intents and purposes--be made permanent. They would not attempt this if it didn't work before, and I mean both the short and the long term. If it weren't for the Internet, there would be no ability to expose this at all; the machine formerly held supremacy over media.

And this is why the machine hates Project Veritas and seeks to destroy it. So far, it's been ineffective at doing so. I expect escalation after Trump wins; parties within the enemy camp will--rightly--point to James O'Keefe as a significant player and target him and Veritas for destruction. It has exposed Big Tech's specific plans to shape the media against Trump. It has exposed multiple officials' corruption at key moments for maximum impact. It continues to clown on the dying legacy media with humiliating rituals displaying the retractions extracted from them. It is not a party to dismiss.

And that's why I spread the word when a video like this drops. James doesn't lie to us. He's a loyal American and the risks he takes in upholding that must be respected.

So if you have info he can use, drop a dime.

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