Saturday, August 1, 2020

My Life As A Writer: On Geek Gab Today

I'm appearing on Geek Gab today to talk about "Hounds of Nimrod", Star Knight generally, and whatever Daddy Warpig rants about. See you all in the chat, and you can back the campaign here.

UPDATE! We are funded! The last $300 came from a well-heeled backer flat-out donating to the project. That means it's Stretch Goal time. At $1500, every backer that chose a paperback copy AUTOMATICALLY gets a paperback copy of "Reavers" included.

New Perk: Build-a-Starship. Just like Build-a-Mech, and also limited to five slots, but aimed more at the lovers of Yamato, Galactica, Harlock, and the other great starships of Space Opera. ArtAnon must be thrilled that this is now on the table.

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