Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Narrative Warfare: When You Mistake The Tank For A Support

Tucker went after Jared Kurshner by name last night on his Fox News show. Tucker, like other media bros like the folks at VDare, think Jared runs Trump like Cheney ran Bush 43, denying Trump his agency while crediting him with successes in a bizarre round of double-think.

In short, they think Jared is Grimma Wormtongue whispering poison into Trump's ears.

He's not. Jared is Paul von Oberstein.

Oberstein is the character whose focus on Realpolitik and relentless discipline thereupon acts as a counterbalance to the Romanticism of the rest of the Imperial cast in Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and as such his role as majordomo and chief advisor is to voice and argue for the necessary politics that guarantee the success of his master and the security of the state Reinhard builds- even if it costs the lives of supporters (and, in the end, that includes himself to his own approval).

The necessary consequence of this role, which Oberstein embraces, is to be the face of each and every Bad Optic decision ever made. "Blame me. I did it, not him." is something Oberstein actually does when a man who lost family over a necessary decision by Reinhard confronts him about it. (And like all good lies, it's half-true; Oberstein did do it, but leaves out that Reinhard did nothing to stop him.)

That's Jared's role, and Rightie media bros fall for like suckers every single time. That Jared is a Jew makes it into irresistible bait. The reality is that Trump, knowing he's fighting a war, accepts that wars inevitably result in casualties. He does what he can to reduce them, but knows that there is an irreducible number above zero and he's just got to live with it. Jared tanks the heat those moves inevitably make, saving Trump face so he can do what needs to be done. It's an unenviable role, but a necessary one, and better to volunteer for it than be drafted; at least volunteers can prepare for the hits and recover faster after the fact, whereas draftees often cannot.

This, of course, is why I don't take many Rightie media bros that seriously. They have, for honest actors, a very narrow range of competency and too often exceed that niche; within it, worth heeding and without it you might as well mute. This includes folks who ought to know better (Cernovich), which is disappointing but unfortunately not unexpected.

And then there are the grifting faggot liars. That's for another post, but Razorfist cut a good video on Ann Coulter the other day; she's to be ignored entirely.

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