Sunday, May 31, 2020

Narrative Warfare: No, It's Antifa

The God-Emperor has done what we all knew was coming.

Why did it take this long?


No, I'm not kidding. You can blame your normie neighbors, co-workers, and relatives for this.

The issue is optics. Normies didn't even perceive that Antifa exists; none of my globally-extended family did. Of my friends, some did- and they're going to interrogated by the FBI soon.

The political support for going after Antifa didn't exist before these riots. The political support necessary for a whole swath of political actions necessary to prevent more of this from happening did not exist before these riots. The reason is that the arguments for giving that support rested on the ability of normies to perceive Antifa and that which enables it as a threat, and those arguments involve places they don't know or go to and interactions with people they don't know or perceive as threats. It was far too abstract a concept. So, since there was no direct smear-your-face-in-shit experience with the problem, there was no support.

Now they have it, so here it comes.

What's going to happen now is that the G-E acts swiftly and decisively to address the threat, and then follow that up with policies that will make it harder if not impossible to do it again as we've seen. Watch Barr tie this, successfully, to hostile foreigners and illegal immigration (justifying acceleration of the Wall and immigration restrictions) and more in that vein soon.

And watch the support for Antifa out itself trying to defend it from the G-E and his wrath. This narrative shift is about to backfire on them. Sun Tzu and Machievelli would be proud.

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