Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Narrative Warfare: The Fake Deer Signals Far Worse To Come

Author and friend of the Retreat Brian Niemeier wrote a post his blog today on Twitch's new Head Witch of the coven that is their Trust & Safety Council.

This is, in itself, as comedic as it looks. What people are missing is that this is the signal for an upcoming campaign intended to humiliate its users, a campaign of witchcraft, and witchcraft requires witches to work. The enemy, for whatever reason, has to signal to a target that the attack comes before it's done; this announcement is just such a signal, and the appointment is meant to be to put willing operators of a machine into position before turning it on.

There are several videos covering this man's confession of an eagerness to wield that power against his enemies--against us--and despite Twitch's claims that he has no power to ban or restrict users, the reality is that Trust & Safety is taken as gospel by the enforcers and acted upon without question. Few of them do more than mention his connection to, and affiliation with, the Anti-Defamation League.

This, folks, is why he is there. He's the link to the ADL and its vast network of media-savvy influencers and narrative-shapers.

Consider this to be a sign of worse to come. This is happening just as EA is working on an "anti-fascist" campaign in the EU to do the same thing there that we're seeing with Twitch. That the announcements are coming out now means that the behind-the-scenes scheme is done; they're operational now, and the push to make monsters out of ordinary men, to make "Yes" into "No" and other inversions of reality will soon be thrust forth like a Chaos incursion.

And yes, FanTube--in typical fashion--misses the threat and thus doesn't see the frame for what it is outside of some simpering optics-cucking.

Refuse to accept the man's frame of being female, nevermind being a deer. You cannot win if you can't declare the truth, and the truth here starts with calling this sick man what he is and condemn who he is.

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