Saturday, April 11, 2020

My Life As A Writer: The Business End Got Shook Up

A round up of things my writer friends may find of interest:

  • Jon del Arroz cut a video about the Science Fiction Writers of America, and why it's a useless and feckless SJW cult front for OldPub SJWs. Jon points out that #20BooksTo50K is the superior alternative in every way, which leads me to-
  • The #20BooksTo50K channel has kept up the video output all week. Today's video is a Q&A with the channel/group head. Even if you don't find a specific video or Facebook thread useful, the resources archived in the group and channel (as well as their conferences) are fantastic for writers who want to actually pay bills with their writing instead of doing Death Cult ritual bullshit.
  • Here is the link to the Independent Alliance of Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors, the guild founded by the #20BooksTo50K as an alternative to SWFA. I'll sign up soon and see if Craig's going to deliver.

The fact remains that the organization long purporting to be a Writer's Guild for SF authors is instead a Death Cult gatekeeper that works with publishers and agents in OldPub to screen out Wrongthinkers and monopolize the business to their interests. They do this in association with Fellow Travelers in comics, film, and television; this explains the ability for fuckups to fail upward and vetted members to shift media.

This entire structure is now collapsing under the weight of its own obsolescence and co-morbidity of incompetence. "Fork and Replace" was what I said would happen, and now it's happening.

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