Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Narrative Warfare: It's About Hatred of God

Ever notice that "whiteness" is not about being Causcasian, anymore than "Western" is about being European? They're not. They're codewords for God and Christianity. Being, at heart, unable to even say His name they have to pervert and invert words to dance around the truth they wish to murder. They use "whiteness" as code for God because of a superficial fact: Christianity arose in the West, where the white nations reside. This ignores the historical Christian nations outside the West, and the rising presence of Christianity outside the West (especially China), because it doesn't fit the Rhetorical aim of the wizardry at issue.

In short, they hate God. They can't admit this or they would lose support, so they cloak it in terms they already control. Rub their face in it; don't let them deflect. They won't stand up to the truth when it burns brightly so close to their face, and they will freak out accordingly. There's a reason that SJWs and Muslim terrorists bizarrely work together against Western Civilization; they hate God, and God is (for now) most present in the West where the white nations reside. This persists when aimed at targets outside the West, as the targets are places where God has a presence.

It's about hating God, folks; it's cosmic Daddy issues run rampant, and it has the same solution as earthly Daddy issues do. Apply accordingly.

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