Thursday, May 9, 2019

My Life As A Writer: Building A Concept Art Library

I decided that I should build a print library with concept art of mecha and starships for the purpose of making Star Knight as good as I can while I go about it. I expect that anime tie-ins will dominate this library, but there's plenty of Western art to be had these days with powered armor, starships, giant robots, etc. due to a generation or two growing up with mecha anime and Space Opera being a persistent presence in both the East and the West.

I'm compiling a list of titles that will become a Wish List at Amazon. The Robotech Art books, both those put out by Harmony Gold and those by Udon, are on the list; not that hard to find, not that out of line, and acknowledges sources to certain degrees. The Palladium RPG books also are included due to extensive use of those concept assets, and the same goes for the BattleTech line. (That I can also run and play games with them is a good bonus.) I can easily find some Macross imports, but they're not cheap and I don't read Japanese so the utility is lacking.

What I want from you folks are recommendations to add to the list. Post your suggestions in the Comments below.

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