Tuesday, April 2, 2019

My Life As A Gamer: Only The Persistent Prevail

Following the whinefest by Fake Game Journalists over Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Oliver Campbell of the Metro City Boys put together a supercut of how he prevailed over the game. As the saying goes, "The master failed more times than the amateur ever attempts." That's what it takes to beat this game: persistence. Every game of this sort has similar requirements of persistence to succeed. Oliver here goes over how he did that. Skip to 14:10 for the lesson, taken from Rocky Balboa.

You don't get it handed to you. It's not a passtime. It's a game, and gaming is about challenge as much as it is about entertainment. The challenge is key to the entertainment, as the sense of accomplishment you get for beating a boss. You have to pay attention, your full and complete attention, in order to get the information you require to beat the challenge before you.


Because there is one sure way to win: Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

That's how it works. You do have to yield to the situation to win, like a reed in the storm, and insisting that things have to conform to you--as if this is about you--is how and why you fail. It is not about you. It is NEVER about you. Not in gaming, not in life, not in anything. You're there to do a job; either you conform to the requirements at hand or you make way for someone that will.

Take it from a guy having to live with a missing foot and learning to walk all over again. I don't have the luxury of whining and throwing tantrums; either I conform to the physical requirements or I don't walk ever again. That's how gaming works, folks, and what separates gamers from normies who play games. It's no different from making the changes required to survive and thrive in any other context. You've got to fail, fail fast, adapt, try again, and keep doing that until you overcome. You have got to be persistent to prevail. Be like Simon. Be like the Dai Gurren Brigade. Make your will into a drill that breaks the heavens. Only then can you do the impossible. Only then can you turn to that challenge and say "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?"

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