Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Watch A Shift Happen In Real Time

Forget the MSM wankers. If you want to watch the US midterm results come in, do it with some fun folks such as the Killstream crew.

If you prefer something calmer and more analytical, the Supreme Dark Lord is your man.

The Blue Wave won't. That much is certain. It's a question of how much the Dems fail by, rather than if they do or not, with the corollary being how much illegal scheming they resort to in order to make anything go their way. SO the fun thing will be to see how the professional liars that is the MSM try to spin their failure, and the shitshow that ensues from this desperate flailing about.

We're going to see the limits of what Narrative Warfare can do tonight. Just as there is only so much economic manipulation can do, there is only so much that narrative warfare can do. As the two are used by the same party for the same purpose, the escalation step will be identical: call out the Jackals. The violence will escalate after tonight, both in frequency and in effectiveness, as the shitlibs and their masters decide the usual tactics don't work so they need to fall back and break out heavier firepower.

What does this mean?

SJWs Always Double-Down.

The lying will escalate, as will the deplatforming and tortious interference in the actions of their enemies. Their banking assets will get woke and start cutting off far more people from existing services, and when alternative payment processors (currently the high ground) finally get going the international banks themselves will start showing their convergence by cutting off processors the SJWs do not control. State power will become necessary to put these usurpations down, forcing more of the Right into seeking and seizing State power at all levels.

The violence will escalate. Antifa will morph into a true terror org, rioting less in the streets and burning targets out of their homes (and into their lethal reach) more. Right-aligned businesses with physical plants will be torched. SJW assets in the insurance corporations will go out of their way to deny claims to the designated victims. The hope is by cutting the Right out of the economy they can bring the Right to heel, and if they have to kill some to do so then they will and give no fucks about it.

And that will have predictable, and tragic, consequences.

The media will shift the narrative, starting tonight, to justify ALL of this. Count on it.

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