Friday, August 10, 2018

#StarKnightSaga Lore: The Gallowglass, House Ireton's Front Line Mecha


General & Technical Data

Model Number: NSRA-GPMS06
Code Name: Gallowglass
Unit Type: Mass Production Soldier Mecha
Manufacturer: New Scotland Royal Arsenal, New Glasgow
Operator: Grand Duchy of New Scotland
Rollout: AD 2901
First Deployment: AD 2902
Accommodations: One pilot in torso cockpit
Dimensions: Height: 15 meters; Width: 5 meters
Weight: 35 metric tons (50 loaded)
Armor Materials: Lunar Titanium alloyed w/ Carbon Fiber Composite
Powerplant: Cold Fusion
Propulsion: None standard; (Optional) Rocket Thrusters w/ maneuver verniers on backpack hardpoint
Performance: Turn (180) 3 seconds; Run (land) 160 Kph (100 Mph); (Optional) Flight Pack: 800 Kph (500 Mph) w/ 10KM ceiling; Underwater: 100 meter limit
Equipment & Design Features: Sensors: 4000 meter range; tri-screen cockpit in a reinforced compartment.
Fixed Armaments: Beam Sword x1 in a hip socket, Beam Rifle (stored in lower back); (Optional) Missile Launcher (replaces Beam Rifle), Anti-Ship Cannon (ditto), Shoulder-mounted Missile Pods (exclusive with Flight Pack).
Technical & Historical Notes

The Grand Duchy of New Scotland needed a unit it could produce in-house to field in massive numbers to garrison the planets and other stellar locations it claimed dominion over, and it had to do so quickly. This compelled a design with basic features, but also a degree of modularity, with the intention of producing mission-specific modules to expand the viable range of operations. The result, taking inspiration from an Old Earth design that never got produced before the Cataclysm, was the Gallowglass.

The design proved to be effective within its intended operational parameters; as part of a unit, the model met expectations and saw favor with its pilots. The mission modules allowed this one design to dominate the Grand Duchy's military, with many Houses filling their arsenals and garrisons with this model as the 39th Century elapsed and the frontier space within the Archduke's grasp became pacified and colonized by his vassals' subjects.

Because of this design's emphasis on ease of production and modularity, it remained in active service for generations and older units got refurbished and upgraded to newer specifications over the years. It was only as The Matter of the Milky Way began that its age finally caught up to it, when its performance against the Red Eyes Armada's Goblin and Hobgoblin during The Taking of Gabriela Robin showed that this venerable design had met the end of its life at long last. At the insistence of House Ireton's duke, the Archduke commissioned the design of its replacement.

The Royal War Museum on New Glasgow would retain a working Gallowglass unit for archival purposes, in conjunction with the Royal War College, and the design's influence would be seen in its successors for generations to come. The aesthetic trademark of a plainly-appearing manlike model, like a giant-sized toy soldier, would become well-known as a hallmark of New Scotland design.

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