Friday, July 6, 2018

Well Above Par: The Failure To Face Reality As It Is

ArenaNet fired SJW hack Jessica Price. She went after one of the partnered streamers for Guild Wars 2 due to the partner's mild and measured criticism of Jessica's take on writing for a MMORPG. This firing included a white knight co-writer, and both writers falsely presented themselves as "game devs" prior to getting the axe. (No, you're not; devs code.)

Being part of the SJW Clique in Seattle, she instantly had her fellow death cultists come to her defense. In the display of media coordination that's now too obvious to ignore, coordinated hit-pieces came out doing just that- starting with PC Gamer and covering as much of the Fake Gaming News as could be had on that notice. (Which is why I'm only linking to One Angry Gamer's article, as I can trust them.)

Writing psuedo-prose in gaming is one of the closest things you get to a sinecure in the gaming business, and twice now she's managed to fuck up a sure thing by being a sand-spewing thundercunt. That level of stupidity takes talent, something else I notice the Sea-Tac Sect of the SJW Death Cult is fond of fostering among its circle. This takes "You played yourself" to heretofore unseen levels; run for office, Jess, the Dems need you.

And kudos to ArenaNet for having a leadership that doesn't have its head completely up its own ass. Yes, firing her summarily was the correct decision; she interfered with a key business relationship without leave, cause, or excuse and threatened to damage that relationship by her ego-driven incompetence. Only in a business environment does this not merit sabotage and insubordination, both of which allow for punishment by summary execution. As it is, I can only agree with the Pundit: Karma is a bitch. (Shouldn't have slagged off Totalbiscuit when he died, Jess.)

The common thread here: the woman isn't the least bit professional, but instead driven by a swollen ego to act on her delusions.

Everything about this incident, and previous ones feeding into it, show that this woman is delusional. She refuses to face reality as it is, and it starts by over-estimated her worth. Writing for hire is not a high-status position regardless of who you write for or what you write about; you're a specialized burger-flipper, not a master tradesman, and you can be easily replaced by someone who is no less competent but far less of a hassle. Parre somehow fails to comprehend this.

(Side note: this is another reason gaming doesn't need story, because it's a clear avenue for SJW entryism.)

You don't attack someone who responds to a claim you make, in public, in good faith. Especially when that someone is a business partner to your employer, as was the case here. (Partnered livestreamer on Twitch, to be exact.) This behavior is stupid, and what she got is a mercy that she cannot comprehend (and so is wasted on her); I fully expect her and her fellow travelers to demonstrate this to we who remain able to see reality for what it is with great fury before the day is over.

What should you take away from this? First, never hire delusional people; they will inevitably fuck things up for you good and hard, so miss that mess and say "God Bless!". Second, if you've got such whackjobs and you're able to axe them (by whatever means), do so as early as you can to minimize the odds of getting screwed by them. Third, don't associate with them, for the aforementioned reasons. Last, ensure that everyone else notices that they are delusional and dangerous; don't be shy to let fly when they look at the sky and call it a pie.

That last bit? That's not for you, and certainly not for them, but for those looking on; they have to see these SJWs fly their freak flags furiously in public to get the message, but once they do the disgust kicks in and those on-lookers will heed what you have to say about them. It's worth it over the long-haul to cull the delusional from the rest of us who aren't messed up.

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  1. Bradford,

    What fuels such delusions? I get that a very small percentage suffer from real mental anguish or chemical imbalances.
    But not the rest. And to be honest, it's something that needs to be investigated if only to freeze out SJW entryism.

    I really don't get these delusions.



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