Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Those Heartless Husks Erased Even The Memory of Him

Karger w/ Harambe & Grape-kunWhile on World of Warcrat late last night, I was on my Hunter character for a half-hour to do some stuff. I rolled this character just to do meme stuff, so I tamed a gorilla and named him "Harambe". WOW!Harambe, named in memory of the slain zoo gorilla (and to refer to the meme), had been around since shortly after the real one died. We're talking a couple of years of me running around in-game with this pet and only getting laughs and cheers.

It was a harmless way to keep the memory alive, much like how I tamed a pet penguin and named him "Grapekun". Harmless fun.

No more.

I got disconnected out of nowhere. Not unusual; it's weekly maintenance time as I write this post, so in the hours preceding it I'm not surprised when connection hiccups happen. But when I logged back in, I noticed that my pet lost his name; it was just "Gorilla"- and that's when I figured out what likely happened.

I checked my email inbox. Confirmed; someone reported the name and the GMs decided it was "Harassment" or some bullshit and forced a reversion. RIP Harambe, again; some killjoy got triggered at the very mention of his name and got assmad at someone having harmless fun that they didn't like.

How petty are you to get offended at someone naming a NPC pet animal after an Internet meme? I've saved some folks' asses with Harambe over the last few years, notably during the prepatch event for Legion. He was a hero, and now he's gone.

Dicks out one more time, my dudes.

Fine, I'll just have to come up with something better. I dare you joyless fucks to get mad over "Koko".

On a serious note, I want you to remember this: a core component of Narrative Warfare is manipulation of the past via control over what is made available to the population. Martyrs are easily controlled because they are dead and cannot defend themselves, and so is everyone else who's dead or dying. It is for the living to defend the dead from the defilement that is what happens when SJWs (or their masters) do a 1984 job on the facts- on the truth. If they're comfortable enough to do this in a game, they'll do it to unperson a world-important author (H.P. Lovecraft, Laura Ingalls Wilder) Because REEEEEE!

We can't let them. That way lies madness. It is the refusal to see reality as it is, even in the small ways, that allow greater evils to happen.

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