Sunday, July 8, 2018

Narrative Warfare: I'm Lighting The Beacons

It's time, folks.

We've got the writers eating the lunch of the SJW-dominated tradpub world of SF/F novels and also, slowly, trying to find a way to bring back the old magazines so that short fiction can find a market again. Across the street (so to speak) we've got the comics guys kicking the SJWs in the crotch and taking their milkshakes. In both vidya and tabletop, SJWs are losing ground as their antics keep showing the customers how fucked in the head they are- opening the door to sane competitors like Alexander Macris and the Pundit.

And behind the scenes, grinning with satisfaction as it all unfolds, is the Supreme Dark Lord sipping his wine while atop his skull-adorned throne.

We're doing all right, folks. Despite setbacks and foibles, we're actually mounting a real resistance and winning some fights. It's time to consider something that the smarter minds on the other side have already considered, and shit themselves trying to keep calm enough to find ways to prevent it: joining together for cross-media collaboration.

I can design a tabletop RPG to exploit Star Knight Saga, but why do that when I can make a win-win deal with the Pundit or Macris or whomever to do that. They get something they can sell, I get valuable expansion of my IP to a related audience, and I can focus on writing the books while they focus on making the game. Likewise, I can take the time to teach myself how to draw, ink, and color in the style I'd want for a comic version Star Knight Saga, but why do that when I can link up with Ethan Van Scrier or Richard Meyer or whomever to do that. Same division of labor, and win-win collaboration, applies.

And if you somehow think I'm going to create my own anime version, you're mental. If, by the grace of God, I catch the eye of (for example) Shoji Kawamori and he decides he wants to do that, you're damn right I will--at the least--entertain the man's offer and let him show me how he and I can win from letting him do that. (Doubly so for the music; if Yoko Kanno wants to do the music, I will have a hard time saying "No".)

And I don't want to leave the podcasters and livestreamers out. World Class Bullshitters, Geek Gab, Geeks & Gamers, The High Council, The Quartering, EVS and D&C's channels, even (believe it or not) Ethan Ralph's Killstreams have all have all taken their place in the shield wall and done their part to get this resurgent cultural resistance going- and they're not the only ones. (If I missed you, it's not a slight.) Their role, collectively, in being a viable alternative to the SJW-dominated media (and the cultural influence that they exert) is not to be dismissed.

If we are to truly Fork & Replace these degenerate death cultists, then we've got to start networking among our own and cross-promoting. While our audiences are not all the same, we have enough to offer to one another to make win-win collaborations not only a viable course of action going forward but a necessary one. I am not mincing words when I say "Fork and Replace"; we have to fill the void that the SJWs will leave behind when their collapse is complete- and we must explicitly shut them out hereafter, permanently, or we will do this dance all over again down the road. That's not winning; leaving them behind to choke to death on our dust as they wither in the desolation of irrelevance is winning.

I can be reached private as per the Contact tab above if any of you want to start this ball rolling. In short, this:


  1. ...and in San Francisco, deep in the heart of Mordor, my red helmet shall be taken off of the shelf and donned once more. I pen no books, write no games, nor pod no casts...once the time comes to face the black hearts and black masks in the streets. I will be there. Light the beacons!

  2. The Right tends to suck at networking and mutual support. It's time to end that "play to lose" mentality.


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