Thursday, July 12, 2018

Narrative Warfare: And Rohan Will Answer

A few days ago, I made a post where I point out that we have sufficient independent media outlets (each with sufficient audience sizes) that we no longer need to put up with the mainstream. We can--and we should--network among ourselves henceforth and cut the MSM out entirely.

So I decided that right now we're in a position where the various clusters I see as being close enough together to benefit from this sort of move, and this morning I did take that first step: I made sure I was in the livestream for Morning With Pop Culture, the new morning show that World Class Bullshitters now puts on during the week. I lucked out today; Jeff (the host) decided to do an Ask Me Anything segment and I got the question answered:

There it is, folks- asked and answered. World Class Bullshitters WILL talk to us, both in terms of taking ads and in terms of being a guest. If you've got something of interest to their audience, especially if it's the #StarWarsNotStarWars sort--Nick Cole, Brian Niemeier, Jon del Arroz, myself--then you've got someone willing to have you on and present you to people who may not have heard of you or your stuff (but are fed up with Mouse Wars and would be open to alternatives). You can reach WCB by email at, and on Twitter (@TheWorldClassBS); take the time to catch some streams or watch some videos so you can get the vibe. (If you like Razorfist, you'll likely find these guys to your liking.)

World Class Bullshitters is part of The High Council, a group show done with Ethan Van Sciver and the Geeks & Gamers channel. Those two are also worth approaching, likely with similar caveats. Ethan in particular is someone we should get into contact with for making connections with other comic people. Why? Independent comicbook adaptations of our novels, and independent novel adaptations of their comics.

Here, this is tonight's live show (yes, separate morning and evening shows how; that's how explosive the growth's been), so you can get acquainted with the crew and see why Space Opera writers in particular ought to get to know this crew and reach out to them to be a guest and/or take out an ad. In particular I think Nick Cole & Jason Anspach will find a welcome reception for Galaxy's Edge with this audience.

And come back tomorrow, folks. I have a proposal for approaching another set of associated YouTube Channels who seem to be right up our alley: The Templin Institute, Spacedock, and Eckhart's Ladder.

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