Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Fake D&D In Action, The Inclusiveness Scam

And folks say there is no SJW push to poz D&D:

Notice that this conforms to the Fake D&D For People Who Can't Hack Reality post I made recently. This SJW, unable to accept that reality doesn't give two fucks about its hot takes on gender, is so addled in the brainmeats that it makes demands of a publisher of a game of imagination in the wargame mode to conform to its insanity.

Let's list how wrong this is:

  • It could just make the necessary "inclusiveness" changes itself, specific to its table and the games it runs. This, however, is not sufficient amgydala relief for its anxiety which is why this measure will not be accepted when confronted with it.
  • It could make the effort to jump through the hoops required to write third-party material demonstrated the changes it seeks, but that means competing in the marketplace (and there is one) for quasi-sanctioned material and therefore risk losing to the revealed behavior of gamers who don't have time for this lunatic and its bullshit. They want playable content, not gamified screeds. No relief there. Publishing wholly independent material will be rejected for the same reason.
  • It could just form associations with others of like mind and play with them exclusively, making their games conform to their wishes, but see the first point above.

The reasons for pushing this scam is two-fold, both related to amgydala-focused stress. The first is because forcing this from the "official" source grants social proof in the eyes of Mech Pilots and SJWs alike, which means it will be enforced in Organized Play and other official participation events. The second follows the first, in that the official recognition and enforcement is meant to insult and humiliate--to defame and degrade--their opposition; it's "Bake The Cake, Bigot".

And here's how you know it's a scam: much like someone who pursues a hookup only to say they bagged the target, the SJW pushes this scam only to say they got it done. They don't really play, they don't really care, they just want the benefit of the brand association without putting in the work to sustain the substance that made it so hot. That "Fan of the Brand" routinely overlaps with "SJW" is not an accident; they're similar, but not the same- think in terms of cousins in a tight-knit family.

No sooner do they tank the brand like Culty Kathy tanked Star Wars than they flee the brand, disavow that they ever had anything to do with it 1984 style, and move on to suck the life out of another unsuspecting sucker. Fake D&D is the result of Fake and Quisling Geeks making that very change--from substance to identity brand--and letting the frauds eat it from within.

All just to assauge the amgydala and avoid seeing reality as it is. Rabbit-think, not even once.


  1. There is no losing scenario for the SJWs making those push.
    If the company bend the knee, they can pat themselves on the back and push for the next thing.
    If the company comply and its fan leave, the SJWs can use that as an example of how our society is toxic and how it is the more reason to keep pushing for more and more (plus the people they despise lost something they loved).
    If the company don't listen to them, they can scream louder and keep pushing and THAT is their real hobby.


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