Friday, June 29, 2018

Just Say No To Indiana Jones and the SJW Shitfest

The World Class Bullshitters have a morning livestream now, and today that morning show addressed Indiana Jones 5.

While the show doesn't stick strictly with Indy 5, it starts there. It's not good no matter how you slice it, and the fundamental reason is that Harrison Ford is old. He may love Indy as much as he loathed Han, but he's too old for the game now and he knows it; any film featuring him in the role can't realistically push Old Indy as a viable action hero.

Further, the same man who got his writing gig on The Last Jedi via nepotism (Kazdan the Younger) will be on this project, so SJW trash will be in it unless the director and producer ride herd on him hard. Right now, that's Culty Kathy as producer so that's not happening.

There's nothing good to be had from an Indy 5 until Kathy's out at Lucasfilm, and then only if her replacement isn't another SJW shitbag. Until the current corruption is cast out, it would be best that nothing happens at all--not so much as a short story--than to let the convergence consume the other valuable property that Lucasfilm owns.

And the same applies to extant franchise properties across the board, especially now that Disney's moving to buy Fox. Concentration is the path to becoming Too Big To Fail, and getting that big means you become able to ignore your customers in favor of institutional support- something SJWs always go for because they want that insulation effect.

Pray that nothing ever happens to Indy until the SJW menace is put down for the heresy that it is. Trashing one iconic property is enough.

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