Sunday, June 17, 2018

On Father's Day for 2018

Happy Father's Day, folks. I hope that all the rad dads out there had a very good day. My old man is a permanent resident at Fort Snelling National Cememtary, and I have no children of my own, so I can only participate by proxy these days. Hug your old man, and appreciate your children, while you can. It's too late once they--or you--are gone.

This past week we saw a lackluster E3 show, especially in the public conferences that set the stage for when the show floor opens, and some information people expected (e.g. Ace Combat) got buried into the pile of press releases pushed out during the floor show, but that did not take away from the fact that this year's show was mediocre at best. Not much quality to hype about, and not much more crap that doesn't deserve the hype; I've been far more satisfied eating a basic pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar's.

So to rectify this I've embedded this week's Metro City Boys episode. Some E3 talk, some Rad Dad talk, and a lot of the goof that we should have gotten from start to finish at E3 but didn't get. Enjoy, folks, and again- hug your dad while you can.

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